Murder Mystery Feature

A Reunion of eight High School friends, celebrating the grown-up life in a cabin far from civilization. The party fun quickly drops and leads into tragedy and disaster - one by one the 8 young adults die in very unusual and horrifying ways. Is there someone else in the house? Or who is responsible for all this? A psychological thriller raising mysterious, suspenseful and scary questions.


The Teaser Trailer is in Post-Production right now, followed by the search for Investors to support the Team of Murphy's Law with the Production of the actual Feature Film.


Written by: Arnold Aldridge and Andrea Martina

Producers: Arnold Aldridge and Andrea Martina

Director/DP: Arnold Aldridge


Cast: Andrea Martina, Zach Fineman, Taylor Clift, Adam Navas, Laura Steigers, Philip Nathanael

Crew: Jordan Henderson, Ricky Rhodes, Rafael Prata


Make-up: Angel Jose Garcia

Wardrobe: Andrea Martina

Set Design: Taylor Clift



Chicks Making Flicks Productions

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