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Why Girls Should Not Live With Guys

A Comedy written and directed by Andrea Martina

Boba Fett's Untold Story - Star Wars Fan Film

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A Drama written and directed by Andrea Martina

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A Film with a Message about Addiction

April 6th 2015


My next big project is the dramatic short film called "The California Nightmare".

I started writing this film in 2012 after I spent my first year in Los Angeles. Over the next two years, I wrote several different versions of it, including a shorter one in form of a "Teaser Trailer". The script has followed me from L.A. to Switzerland, over to London and back to L.A., where we finally filmed it in June 2014. FINALLY.


Film projects need so much patients and time, and oh-so-much-more, but I love it with all my heart.

The Lead Actors are: Chase Joliet and Andrea Martina myself.

Camera, Production, Directing and Editing is mainly run by:

Andrea Martina and Arnold Aldridge.


The PLOT of the Teaser Trailer:

An Actor's Breakdown is seeking "Young Artists from L.A., who are talented, financially stable, but lazy and addicted." - The amount of Submissions received breaks all Records.

The movie is essentially about the dark side of Hollywood. The Young Stars and their drugs. Addictions and Fame. The 'Behind the Scenes' of the glamorous and sunny L.A. - the shadows of which most outsiders have no clue about.


The film is in Post-Production and will be done by the end of April 2015.

Festival Submissions will follow and possibly a Fundraising Trial on Kickstarter or Indiegogo for a Feature Film in the future.


Stay tuned and don't miss out on any News about "The California Nightmare"! :)


Also feel free to check out the Italian RSI Interview (YouTube Video) or the Pictures in the Gallery below for some "Behind the scenes" impressions regarding the Making of the film!

Still Shots - Photo Gallery of "CANM"

Inspirations and Impressions of the "Making of CANM"

"Clouds" - My First Short

Andrea Martina - actress/writer/editor

Filmed in 2012 in London