Hollywood Wants You To Chase After People - I Tell You To Be Different.

I have a huge urge right now to write this blog, because of some truth that occurred to me last night after having a meeting with a talent agent here in L.A. It just made me realize some things and I can guarantee you that "realizing" can often be painful, but sometimes facing the truth, or as I'd like to call it "awakening" or becoming "aware" can hurt, because frankly it destroys all your illusions you used to believe in and think of as "reality". We all have those "revelations" - those moments of "oh my god", when we finally allow ourselves to really look into the eyes of our "Inner Truth" and stop hiding behind our own lies, which we build up to protect us, but in the end it simply becomes even harder to get over it, because we're so deep in it - in real deep shit aka "the wonderful world of lies and illusions".

Just quickly, I am not trying to be negative here or a heart-breaker, but I am simply talking about something that is important for every human out there, doesn't matter what industry you're in, or what beliefs you have, it's about REALLY FACING YOUR INNER TRUTH. AWAKENING. AWARENESS.

Let me be more specific here: Many of you might know, that acting has always been my biggest passion, since I am a little girl. And when I say "acting" and "passion", I mean the ART of acting; becoming different characters, stepping into the shoes of other people in complete different circumstances, connecting with your partners on a level that is often hard to reach in real life, making something written on paper come to life and moving the viewer/the audience to laughter or tears. THAT is what I call the art of acting. I feel complete and pure joy when I can act on a film set or on stage - and this is what I call my "passion". The feeling I get when I'm in the process of creating this art, it's pure love.

So. Last night, I had this agent meeting I mentioned earlier, and well, I went there with lots of carelessness. I don't know where it came from, but I just simply had no worries, no anxiety and no worst and best case scenarios in my head. I thought about what could happen, but there was still lots of "I don't care" behind it. I couldn't figure out why I felt this way. It was weird to me, since I've been trying to replace my agent with a new one for a long time now, but I wasn't hustling or chasing after people, because I am just not that kind of person, but I simply kept my eyes open, until a friend of mine referred me to this agent. - By the way, god bless this friend and his agent (not mentioning any names), I am not bashing them in any way at all, I am simply talking about my internal experience I had last night - regardless of their opinions.

Ok, so, like I said I LOVE THE ART OF ACTING. But, I hate the way this industry runs. Absolutely despise it. I am completely and 100% honest right now and I do not care of who disagrees with me or who is on my side. That is not the point here. Hollywood has a really cruel industry. Some people say it's the worst industry one can be in, others say it is a dream, it's paradise, it is a wonderful business to be a part of. ANYWAY. People always had and always will have complete different opinions and that's what it is.

Let me get more specific; all this agent got down to asking me was; WHO DO I KNOW in this industry (Casting Directors and so on) and WHO KNOWS ME. And that is the truth. That is all that he was about. He wasn't asking me about acting training, or other experiences. Only which Casting Directors I have met and which Workshops I have taken with which Industry people. Of course this is all about either booking commercials - may I specify that most of these commercials have no meaning, no message, not much brain a lot of times and no heart behind it, only $ dollar signs $. Or they're about TV Shows - and if you're into TV shows that's great but since this is my Blog, let me tell you: I am all about Indie Feature Films (f-ing love them!), because to me those are the ones that take their time to create something with true passion and ambition, unlike TV Shows - don't get me wrong, I know there is great ones out there - but they are all a "Sausage Factory" (quoting my teacher here from my London Film school) - they are all about making money, as much as they can, as fast as they can. And that is the truth and that's what made me sad. Sad, because I chose this industry, without really honestly admitting to myself how terrible this whole money business is - they're sacrificing the art. I never had an interest in commercials. Not even really TV shows. Never got into watching most of them either. Maybe one or two and only because my best friends persuaded me to watch them. Sorry Not Sorry.

My biggest passion lies in TRUE STORIES WITH A MESSAGE. (f.ex. "Desert Flower" by Sherry Hormann). A dramatic film, based on reality, that makes you, the audience, move and that get your emotions going and really wants you to change something, maybe change yourself, or to make the world a better place, whatever you want to call it, it makes you feel something deep in your heart.

From another angle, I can say that I am very confident about my acting, I know I always give my best, I am always uber-prepared, on top of my game, always up for rehearsals and giving my All to The Art. But I am honest, I do not know too many Casting Directors, but it is simply because I am not a hustler, I prefer to live after WILL SMITH's quote: "Don't chase people. Be yourself, do your own thing and work hard. The right people, the ones who really belong in your life, will come to you and stay." BEAUTIFUL. That's what I'm talking about!

Last but no least, I just like to summarize this load of words I just threw at you: Please don't let yourself get pushed down by people making you think that your passion isn't really that important after all. Hollywood is a lot about Who You Know, I get it, it sucks. But that doesn't mean that's all you gotta focus on. Let's end with some quotes to FOLLOW YOUR PASSION: Do what you love, Do it as often as you want to, Don't give up and always follow your heart! - You will never be able to escape from your heart. So it is better to listen to what it has to say. - Paulo Coelho.

That's all for now.

Hope you got inspired a little bit, even tho it seemed dark in the beginning. :)

Your Andrea


Being a self-employed artist in L.A., but keeping it SIMPLE.

First comes first, I apologize for the silence, I haven’t written a blog in almost 6 months, which is pretty bad. But then on the other side, in this second half of 2014 a lot of things have happened and I’ve overcome some more of my personal fears and challenges, I’ve become a little bit less naïve and a little bit wiser and I’ve had a lot more experience regarding the tough career life as a so-called “self-employed artist in Hollywood”. 

And that’s exactly what I’d like to talk about in this blog. To give you a heads up, I’m not gonna nice-talk Hollywood, but I’m also not going to be a negative hater towards the city of angels, despite all its superficial and fake sides (sorry, but ain't gonna lie).

I came here out of love and passion for acting, filmmaking and L.A. itself and if there’s one goal I have, it’s to never lose this positive radiating energy that I’m trying to keep up as much as I can and to always inspire, motivate and push myself and others to their limit!

It is definitely not easy. Oh gosh it isn’t. But I think it’s simple. There’s a big difference between these two seemingly similar words. SIMPLICITY. This word literally makes me exhale. Just say it and breathe! Imagine that life is actually so simple, I mean it’s obvious that man-kind just likes to overcomplicated e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. Seriously though, you’re aware of that, right?

So I’ve said this before in one of my blogs, but next time you’re in a hurry, rushing somewhere or you’re just oh-so-stressed, just stop for one second and think “IS THIS REALLY NECESSERY?”. Do I really really have to do this (like right now)? “Does my life depend on this right now?” Chances are, probably not.

So yes, if you live in L.A. and you’re working on your acting, singing or dancing career (or anything else in the world of show business), you KNOW the pressure that is on you every day and 24/7 to be the BEST AT WHAT YOU DO. We all want this. We’re all trying. But if the pressure coming from parents, friends, agents, competitors, fans or enemies is a negative energy, then that’s not gonna get you anywhere. And trust me, it is ALL up to you. So how do YOU look at that all-surrounding “pressure”?

Bernard Hiller, a famous acting coach out here, explained in his book (“Stop Acting, Start Living”), that “positive energy” is the currency on which Hollywood is running. I kind of like that thought, it's so true. I mean if you in general try to turn everything that happens to you, or every thought you have into a positive “outcome”, eventually good things will happen. That’s just TheSecret (simple!), about which I’ve talked many times before as well, but again, I like mentioning some topics several times, so they actually get stuck with you (myself included)! ;)

Los Angeles is a big city, the competition for every artist is even bigger and the level of talent here is.. well, at the TOP, because the most talented performers from all over the world come to this one single place. GAME ON. Obviously I knew this before I came here and everybody should really know, but then the question is, can you handle it?

You have big goals, huge dreams and visions that seem further away than anything. But that’s what you need when you come here! Otherwise why would you bother going through all of this and literally spending your lifetime on your career? Exactly.

Being PRO-ACTIVE is probably one of the most important qualities to have in this town. (For real though guys.) With nowadays technology and all the opportunities we have to (again, simply) make our own little films, edit them together, put some free music in the background and publish them on the world wide web - all pretty much for free. I am not saying spend all your rent-money on the next short film idea you have, but you can start out with just simple, little sketches to keep you up on your toes!

Speaking of it, check out my two YouTube channels, one is: ROARING DAISIES, where me and my perfect roomie Jegen upload weekly comedy sketches about Roommate Stories. And my other personal YouTube channel is called: ANDREA MARTINA ISENSCHMID, on which I mainly upload acting videos and Vlogs here and then (I promise there will be more in 2015!!). Thanks for subscribing already ;).

So, the message is; no more excuses, because there is none! The only excuse everybody has and keeps making is: LAZINESS. This is personally probably my biggest enemy. If you want to succeed in this business, don’t fall down to that one side of actors in L.A., where there’s just a bunch of “oh I wish I could do all of this, but life is so hard.. I’m just gonna take a nap.” Yup, you know those kinda people!

No but you want to be part of the overly-energetic, super-pumped, bigtime-happy crowd! Don’t you? (Only exception is, if the negative-sarcasm-I-hate-people type is your stand-up comedian humor and that’s your way of succeeding, I’d recommend staying away from it.)

To make something clear, you DO need breaks, everyone does. But you can’t stop. You can’t give up. If you have a dream, and you know there’s nothing else in life that is gonna satisfy you in the same way as your passion does, you have to keep pushing!

In life, you always have a choice. And whatever decision you make, eventually it always turns out to be the right decision, in one way or another. If it seems like a complete mistake, just know that either you learned something from it, you grew with the experience or you will do it differently next time. Either way, I always say to myself: IT HAD TO HAPPEN, BECAUSE IT DID.

One of my best friends and my personal mentor tells me constantly: “Andrea, life always takes care of it. Just don’t worry.” And here's me, telling YOU now: LIFE ALWAYS TAKES CARE OF IT, SIMPLY TRUST. Easier said than done, I know, but we’re all in a constant learning progress until the day we die. Never stop learning, never stop growing, and always be curious! J

Now I’m going to end this blog with a quote you can apply on a daily basis and to almost every decision you have to make:

The skill in life is to decide to either “TAKE ACTION” or “SURRENDER”.

Let me know if you have any feedback about this blog, if it helped or inspired you, if there’s specific topics you would like me to talk about or if you have any questions whatsoever. Don’t hesitate to ask me J!

Lots of Love, your Andrea xo


VISUALIZE your dream life and see it HAPPEN!

dream big.
dream big.

"Omg she's just so lucky. Damn it, I wish I could be him. Well, she just got it all. I can't do this, I'm not like him... Well that's just irresponsible." Seems familiar? It's all bullshit to me.

Fact is, everybody has a dream, or several dreams, or simply a life they imagine and describe it in words like "This would be absolutely perfect, if just..." - Yes, you do have these dreams too! We all just fight against them in our daily lives, we try to "make it" through the day (wrong already, life's here to enjoy, not to torture yourself..) anyway, we do it with a negative attitude and a lot of sarcastic comments about everything and everyone. But that's not how the universe works people!!! Honestly, I've seen it myself, I've actually experienced it more than once.

Most people are just too scared, too fearful, too humble even or they just do not dare to DREAM AS BIG AS THEY CAN!!! Honesly, what in the world is wrong with dreaming big??? I'm not saying live a delusional life, but just have your dreams and if you think you don't have any, listen to your deepest voice that is mostly buried somewhere in your sub-conscious, because again you're too ashamed to let it talk out loud, but it is definitely there and it has been wanting to speak to you forever!!! LISTEN.

(Why is Roxanne's song "listen to your heart" so popular? Exactly why.)


So now, if you haven't read or seen "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne yet, maybe consider getting this done and eventually changing your way of life, or maybe just listen to my advice here quickly ;)

Ok, this is FUN! You have your dreams right, and I mean BIG DREAMS again, like as big as you possibly can, reach to the stars ok!!!?

Anything from career, love life, health, travelling, adventures, success, house, cars, people, connections, .... anything you desire! (not only material) - then, go on google or wherever you find matching pictures to your imagination, print them and glue them as a collage or anything you like on a so-called VISIONBOARD. This is awesome guys!

I might have talked about this before, but I haven't talked about the actual MIRACLES yet, which happenend in the last couple of weeks, since I made my first Visionboard in March 2014... Wow. Just WOW.


I mean, I'm just full on honest, I had my little Visionboard, with a couple of desires I had and dreams and all of it and a couple months later and could LITERALLY CHECK THOSE PICTURES OFF - as in IT WAS MY ACTUAL LIFE. No joke. Just pure happiness.

And it is work guys!! You can't just sit there, stare at the pictures and wait for it to happen, nope it ain't gonna happen like this. But you work for your dreams and they come true. If you BELIEVE! Yup, that's the other part of it.

I actually do have this pretty picture up my wall (in my apartment in L.A. *nznznz*) saying: "DREAM. IMAGINE. BELIEVE." - the rest is a miracle.


Look, I don't wanna go into my details, but as a matter of fact, within a couple of months, I moved to Los Angeles (from Switzerland!!! - biggest difference in two countries ever), I got my own little studio apartment over there, I got my cute little shitty '87 car I always pictured, I made loads of connections, took classes with the most wonderful Anthony Meindl in West Hollywood, whom I admire probably more than any other person alive! I also had a little puppy for a week, which is already the love of my life or something close to it..., I visited beautiful places, had great times in the city of my dreams and the city of angels and on top of it all, I finally got APPROVED FOR MY 01 ARTIST VISA, for which I have been fighting for for about a year - non-stop on a daily basis. Yes, again, I fought, it's not just luck guys, it's part of it, but it's hard work.

But nothing is more rewarding than the happy tears running down your face in the moment you realize that dreams ARE coming true and miracles DO happen.


These were my lawyer's (yes, a reasonable lawyer!) exact words: "Yes Andrea, it's almost a miracle." - I smiled to myself and thought: "It is." :'-)


So get that Visionboard done!!!


I just wanna ask you quickly: "Are you living the life you were dreaming of when you were a little kid?" - If not, why not? Ask yourself!


How big do you dare to dream? - listen to JIM CARREY and WILL SMITH talking (Youtube) - again, just WOW.


In addition here's my theory of the simplicity of life: "Take it easy. Do not worry. Just follow your Instincts. Be positive... and TRUST! Always and forever enjoy the NOW."

(I'm pretty sure I've said this a million times, but you can't hear it enough! :))


And now I just wanna talk about one last thing for this post:


Really. It is OH SO important. They are the energy you're around, they are your motivation you'll get (or not get), eventually they will be a big influence in your feelings, emotions, courage, daring, thoughts, actions and attitude ... short, they will influence how you live your life the more you are around them!


And for me personally; I feel or did feel bad "letting people go" or "out of my life", but my friend reminded me that I just have to know that I AM A GOOD PERSON (say it) and you only do it for your own best! It's none of your business, if people can't handle their lives and attach themselves to you with their negative energy and try to steal your sunlight but pull you down instead! - That's not fair. It's good to help and support and like I hopefully do with you, to INSPIRE, but there's a limit! K? :)


Alright, that was a long post once again, but it's been a while too!


VISIONBOARD - now! :) :) :)



your andrea



It is all so SURREAL. That's how awesome life can be.

Sometimes you literally just gotta STOP all the hustle for a minute, just BREATHE and REALIZE what you have... all the wonderful, beautiful, amazing things that ARE working out in your life right now! (No, don't wanna hear it... I am not interested in all the "but...").

Well at this moment I can only speak for myself, I just made a list of 10 things yesterday, WHY I AM THE HAPPIEST GIRL ON EARTH. And you know what? I didn't even have to struggle a second to find 10 reasons for it. I bet if you shoved all the negativity to your side for a second, and took your time to embrace all the good stuff and be grateful for it, you would get the list done as well. GO! NOW! It's fun, empowering and there's absolutely nothing bad about it.


Well okay, my life has changed so radically, crazily, insanely, quickly, unexpectedly (...) in about a micro-second (or that's at least how it felt like), that I STILL CAN NOT BELIEVE IT.

That's what I keep telling myself everyday... my life is FKN *SURREAL*, THAT'S HOW AWESOME IT IS. 

My besties know that I aaalways use this weird image of the "future magicball" - what you do is you basically just look around (if there's something really special & cool happening) and then think back of yourself about a month ago (or a year, or two,...) and imagine yourself back then looking at yourself now & today in this magicball ... and just this simple thought, that my face would've looked like: WHAAAAT? YOU'RE JOKING!! HOW FKN COOL IS THAT!!!???

Yup and that's all it takes to bring a huge smile on my face! Try it! :D


What? What? What? I'm sorry, I keep talking about all this stuff  but you actually don't know what exactly happened? :D Okay here it comes:


I have (spontaneously of course) moved to Los Angeles (again), I am living here, everyday, enjoying this amazing California Lifestyle - dream big and never hold back - I have my own (soooo adorable) little apartment, my first own car, I am so priviledged to actually pursue my dream of being a professional actress - I take classes at and with Anthony Meindl's acting studio, which is such a massive source of inspiration for me - full of dedicated and wonderful actors... I read scripts, prepare scenes, go off to auditions, like I actually get in my car, drive down to West Hollywood (take a breath and realize), go give my all, leave the room again and move on with my day. I can go take Yoga classes, I can hike up the Hollywood Hills and look at all the beautiful places, people and the nature. I can walk in Beverly Hills, get breakfast, be around good people, have amazing conversations (and again take a breath and be grateful for it all), I do annoying things like going to the DMV (car stuff..), but even this excites me 'cause it's all part of my dream and the journey of it! I meet inspiring artists from everywhere, inspiring myself even more! I can go swim in my pool whenever, I can read a play, I can watch a movie, I can skype with fam&friends, I can stare at palmtrees or squirrels, I can buy wonderful clothes, I can walk around the most breath-taking and lovely beaches on this planet (in my opinion..) - I am so priviledged and lucky and I just wanna take this opportunity to put my gratitude out there AND (! very important !) NOT to make anyone jealous or anything like that, BUT SIMPLY, to let you know that you can do exactly what you want! Just FIGHT. BELIEVE. KEEP GOING and NEVER STOP.


Really guys, VISUALIZE your dream. Write it down, draw it on a piece of paper, dream it, sing it, dance it, however you want, but actually FEEL how GOOD it feels! And then you FKN DO IT. That's it. And that's when you will just say: SURREAL. You'll see, when you reach goals step by step, it's gonna make you go nuts in a good way, that you can't actually believe how awesome life can be. :')


SO I hope I inspired some of you! I feel like my messages are often the same, but in the end it's anyway all about the same... just fkn do what you wanna do. It's your life. And life is short. And well that should be enough to make you understand the message ;).


And here and then you just gotta get up, be bold and say...




(What's the worst that can happen...? my answer to all your answers: SO WHAT?)


So what? So what? So what? (As you can tell...I love this haha.)


Ok. Go now.

My love from Los Angeles,


Andrea xoxo


Stand up for what you believe in, even if ...

Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.

What? Well, if you feel something deep inside or you just know something somehow, but you can't really explain how or why.. that's when you have to trust yourself!

Sometimes, or very often actually, people show their opinion on things..your things.. your life. And it's ok to listen to family & friends, because often they do really try to help you. BUT in the end mates, in the end, your instinct, your impulse and feelings are all you got. Because frankly, you never know what's right or wrong, what's good or bad, what's smart or stupid unless you've done it and therefore experienced it yourself.


So if your heart tells you something very strongly and you can feel it quite clear that you have to do something - doesn't matter if it's a step in your career, a step in a relationship or just a daily decision you gotta make - FOLLOW THIS FEELING. 

I am pretty sure it's not the first time I'm writing about this "follow your instincts"-topic, but it's just something that I personally come across again and again.

And this is also what the title of this Post stands for: "STAND UP for what YOU BELIEVE in, even if you're standing alone!" - It's about that thing, that people - especially great ones :) - have made moves in life, which their loved ones maybe didn't understand or support in the first place, but oh-my-god, so many of those people have contributed to the world SO much!! - Is it an Artist, an Inventor, a Peacemaker, an Environmental Activist or a Soldier.

I repeat myself to emphasize my point... I LOVE Will Smith and his quotes such as: "Why would you be realistic???" - ahh it makes me go bubbly thinking about this question and ALL THE ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES that open up with it !! Can you feel this?!


And anyway, every single person has their own personal and VERY UNIQUE journey to take. Every path is oh-so-individual and that makes it so exciting!

Sometimes when I read a biography of a very successful actor of today, I think to myself, oh that's a very cool road he took there, like where he was born, where he studied, worked, quit, moved to, etc. But then I think of my own life and I realize again that NO ONE else makes the exact same journey as I do, which makes it so cool, interesting and as I said UNIQUE, as we all are! :)


Another thing I wanted to mention is something an acquaintance of mine taught me; if you ever have something in front of you, as in a big massive challenge, that you really do not feel like doing (something boring or annoying), or something you're actually really willing to do, but just terrified of it - think of death.

What? Yes, not as in oh-my-god-i-dont-wanna-die, more like hm... one day, as a fact of life, I am going to die, so why in the world should I care so much about this stupid task or why in the world should I be shitting my pants about this job? I JUST HAVE TO ENJOY AND HAVE FUN WITH IT! Because frankly, I only got one life. (Yeah it sounds a bit like YOLO ;)).


And this is where Greece comes in! As some of you know, I spent my last week on the beautiful island Mykonos in Greece.

And honestly, I know I'm Swiss and that we got some issues with worrying, being on time and stressing about 1st world problems, but as far as I know I don't have it tattooed on my forehead!?

So those lovely greek people kept saying to my friend and me; "Don't worry girls, just enjoy." - "Relax. Relax. Relax" (yup he literally said it three times) and other notes with this message.

That's something to take away!! :)


Now last but not least to all the passionate work-o-holics out there; I used to think I don't need holidays and many breaks, because I'm determined and I want to be successful in what I do blabla, yes very true, BUT as my mom told me a couple of times: "Artists alwasys need rest periods, so they can fill up again their sources of inspiration and creativity!"

And honestly after this week in Greece I feel pumped to rock'n'roll :D!

It's just something you need, some more, some less, but it's always a good thing to take a break, even Albert Einstein was a big believer of resting in between :). ( I LOVE and admire this guy SO much, even though he was into physics like a madman... ^^)




All my love,