Being a self-employed artist in L.A., but keeping it SIMPLE.

First comes first, I apologize for the silence, I haven’t written a blog in almost 6 months, which is pretty bad. But then on the other side, in this second half of 2014 a lot of things have happened and I’ve overcome some more of my personal fears and challenges, I’ve become a little bit less naïve and a little bit wiser and I’ve had a lot more experience regarding the tough career life as a so-called “self-employed artist in Hollywood”. 

And that’s exactly what I’d like to talk about in this blog. To give you a heads up, I’m not gonna nice-talk Hollywood, but I’m also not going to be a negative hater towards the city of angels, despite all its superficial and fake sides (sorry, but ain't gonna lie).

I came here out of love and passion for acting, filmmaking and L.A. itself and if there’s one goal I have, it’s to never lose this positive radiating energy that I’m trying to keep up as much as I can and to always inspire, motivate and push myself and others to their limit!

It is definitely not easy. Oh gosh it isn’t. But I think it’s simple. There’s a big difference between these two seemingly similar words. SIMPLICITY. This word literally makes me exhale. Just say it and breathe! Imagine that life is actually so simple, I mean it’s obvious that man-kind just likes to overcomplicated e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. Seriously though, you’re aware of that, right?

So I’ve said this before in one of my blogs, but next time you’re in a hurry, rushing somewhere or you’re just oh-so-stressed, just stop for one second and think “IS THIS REALLY NECESSERY?”. Do I really really have to do this (like right now)? “Does my life depend on this right now?” Chances are, probably not.

So yes, if you live in L.A. and you’re working on your acting, singing or dancing career (or anything else in the world of show business), you KNOW the pressure that is on you every day and 24/7 to be the BEST AT WHAT YOU DO. We all want this. We’re all trying. But if the pressure coming from parents, friends, agents, competitors, fans or enemies is a negative energy, then that’s not gonna get you anywhere. And trust me, it is ALL up to you. So how do YOU look at that all-surrounding “pressure”?

Bernard Hiller, a famous acting coach out here, explained in his book (“Stop Acting, Start Living”), that “positive energy” is the currency on which Hollywood is running. I kind of like that thought, it's so true. I mean if you in general try to turn everything that happens to you, or every thought you have into a positive “outcome”, eventually good things will happen. That’s just TheSecret (simple!), about which I’ve talked many times before as well, but again, I like mentioning some topics several times, so they actually get stuck with you (myself included)! ;)

Los Angeles is a big city, the competition for every artist is even bigger and the level of talent here is.. well, at the TOP, because the most talented performers from all over the world come to this one single place. GAME ON. Obviously I knew this before I came here and everybody should really know, but then the question is, can you handle it?

You have big goals, huge dreams and visions that seem further away than anything. But that’s what you need when you come here! Otherwise why would you bother going through all of this and literally spending your lifetime on your career? Exactly.

Being PRO-ACTIVE is probably one of the most important qualities to have in this town. (For real though guys.) With nowadays technology and all the opportunities we have to (again, simply) make our own little films, edit them together, put some free music in the background and publish them on the world wide web - all pretty much for free. I am not saying spend all your rent-money on the next short film idea you have, but you can start out with just simple, little sketches to keep you up on your toes!

Speaking of it, check out my two YouTube channels, one is: ROARING DAISIES, where me and my perfect roomie Jegen upload weekly comedy sketches about Roommate Stories. And my other personal YouTube channel is called: ANDREA MARTINA ISENSCHMID, on which I mainly upload acting videos and Vlogs here and then (I promise there will be more in 2015!!). Thanks for subscribing already ;).

So, the message is; no more excuses, because there is none! The only excuse everybody has and keeps making is: LAZINESS. This is personally probably my biggest enemy. If you want to succeed in this business, don’t fall down to that one side of actors in L.A., where there’s just a bunch of “oh I wish I could do all of this, but life is so hard.. I’m just gonna take a nap.” Yup, you know those kinda people!

No but you want to be part of the overly-energetic, super-pumped, bigtime-happy crowd! Don’t you? (Only exception is, if the negative-sarcasm-I-hate-people type is your stand-up comedian humor and that’s your way of succeeding, I’d recommend staying away from it.)

To make something clear, you DO need breaks, everyone does. But you can’t stop. You can’t give up. If you have a dream, and you know there’s nothing else in life that is gonna satisfy you in the same way as your passion does, you have to keep pushing!

In life, you always have a choice. And whatever decision you make, eventually it always turns out to be the right decision, in one way or another. If it seems like a complete mistake, just know that either you learned something from it, you grew with the experience or you will do it differently next time. Either way, I always say to myself: IT HAD TO HAPPEN, BECAUSE IT DID.

One of my best friends and my personal mentor tells me constantly: “Andrea, life always takes care of it. Just don’t worry.” And here's me, telling YOU now: LIFE ALWAYS TAKES CARE OF IT, SIMPLY TRUST. Easier said than done, I know, but we’re all in a constant learning progress until the day we die. Never stop learning, never stop growing, and always be curious! J

Now I’m going to end this blog with a quote you can apply on a daily basis and to almost every decision you have to make:

The skill in life is to decide to either “TAKE ACTION” or “SURRENDER”.

Let me know if you have any feedback about this blog, if it helped or inspired you, if there’s specific topics you would like me to talk about or if you have any questions whatsoever. Don’t hesitate to ask me J!

Lots of Love, your Andrea xo

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