VISUALIZE your dream life and see it HAPPEN!

dream big.
dream big.

"Omg she's just so lucky. Damn it, I wish I could be him. Well, she just got it all. I can't do this, I'm not like him... Well that's just irresponsible." Seems familiar? It's all bullshit to me.

Fact is, everybody has a dream, or several dreams, or simply a life they imagine and describe it in words like "This would be absolutely perfect, if just..." - Yes, you do have these dreams too! We all just fight against them in our daily lives, we try to "make it" through the day (wrong already, life's here to enjoy, not to torture yourself..) anyway, we do it with a negative attitude and a lot of sarcastic comments about everything and everyone. But that's not how the universe works people!!! Honestly, I've seen it myself, I've actually experienced it more than once.

Most people are just too scared, too fearful, too humble even or they just do not dare to DREAM AS BIG AS THEY CAN!!! Honesly, what in the world is wrong with dreaming big??? I'm not saying live a delusional life, but just have your dreams and if you think you don't have any, listen to your deepest voice that is mostly buried somewhere in your sub-conscious, because again you're too ashamed to let it talk out loud, but it is definitely there and it has been wanting to speak to you forever!!! LISTEN.

(Why is Roxanne's song "listen to your heart" so popular? Exactly why.)


So now, if you haven't read or seen "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne yet, maybe consider getting this done and eventually changing your way of life, or maybe just listen to my advice here quickly ;)

Ok, this is FUN! You have your dreams right, and I mean BIG DREAMS again, like as big as you possibly can, reach to the stars ok!!!?

Anything from career, love life, health, travelling, adventures, success, house, cars, people, connections, .... anything you desire! (not only material) - then, go on google or wherever you find matching pictures to your imagination, print them and glue them as a collage or anything you like on a so-called VISIONBOARD. This is awesome guys!

I might have talked about this before, but I haven't talked about the actual MIRACLES yet, which happenend in the last couple of weeks, since I made my first Visionboard in March 2014... Wow. Just WOW.


I mean, I'm just full on honest, I had my little Visionboard, with a couple of desires I had and dreams and all of it and a couple months later and could LITERALLY CHECK THOSE PICTURES OFF - as in IT WAS MY ACTUAL LIFE. No joke. Just pure happiness.

And it is work guys!! You can't just sit there, stare at the pictures and wait for it to happen, nope it ain't gonna happen like this. But you work for your dreams and they come true. If you BELIEVE! Yup, that's the other part of it.

I actually do have this pretty picture up my wall (in my apartment in L.A. *nznznz*) saying: "DREAM. IMAGINE. BELIEVE." - the rest is a miracle.


Look, I don't wanna go into my details, but as a matter of fact, within a couple of months, I moved to Los Angeles (from Switzerland!!! - biggest difference in two countries ever), I got my own little studio apartment over there, I got my cute little shitty '87 car I always pictured, I made loads of connections, took classes with the most wonderful Anthony Meindl in West Hollywood, whom I admire probably more than any other person alive! I also had a little puppy for a week, which is already the love of my life or something close to it..., I visited beautiful places, had great times in the city of my dreams and the city of angels and on top of it all, I finally got APPROVED FOR MY 01 ARTIST VISA, for which I have been fighting for for about a year - non-stop on a daily basis. Yes, again, I fought, it's not just luck guys, it's part of it, but it's hard work.

But nothing is more rewarding than the happy tears running down your face in the moment you realize that dreams ARE coming true and miracles DO happen.


These were my lawyer's (yes, a reasonable lawyer!) exact words: "Yes Andrea, it's almost a miracle." - I smiled to myself and thought: "It is." :'-)


So get that Visionboard done!!!


I just wanna ask you quickly: "Are you living the life you were dreaming of when you were a little kid?" - If not, why not? Ask yourself!


How big do you dare to dream? - listen to JIM CARREY and WILL SMITH talking (Youtube) - again, just WOW.


In addition here's my theory of the simplicity of life: "Take it easy. Do not worry. Just follow your Instincts. Be positive... and TRUST! Always and forever enjoy the NOW."

(I'm pretty sure I've said this a million times, but you can't hear it enough! :))


And now I just wanna talk about one last thing for this post:


Really. It is OH SO important. They are the energy you're around, they are your motivation you'll get (or not get), eventually they will be a big influence in your feelings, emotions, courage, daring, thoughts, actions and attitude ... short, they will influence how you live your life the more you are around them!


And for me personally; I feel or did feel bad "letting people go" or "out of my life", but my friend reminded me that I just have to know that I AM A GOOD PERSON (say it) and you only do it for your own best! It's none of your business, if people can't handle their lives and attach themselves to you with their negative energy and try to steal your sunlight but pull you down instead! - That's not fair. It's good to help and support and like I hopefully do with you, to INSPIRE, but there's a limit! K? :)


Alright, that was a long post once again, but it's been a while too!


VISIONBOARD - now! :) :) :)



your andrea


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    Martina (Tuesday, 01 July 2014 16:42)

    It always is fascinating how you write exactly the thing I need at that exact moment I need to read them!:)) Thank you for inspiring me and I wish you all the best on your way!:D