It is all so SURREAL. That's how awesome life can be.

Sometimes you literally just gotta STOP all the hustle for a minute, just BREATHE and REALIZE what you have... all the wonderful, beautiful, amazing things that ARE working out in your life right now! (No, don't wanna hear it... I am not interested in all the "but...").

Well at this moment I can only speak for myself, I just made a list of 10 things yesterday, WHY I AM THE HAPPIEST GIRL ON EARTH. And you know what? I didn't even have to struggle a second to find 10 reasons for it. I bet if you shoved all the negativity to your side for a second, and took your time to embrace all the good stuff and be grateful for it, you would get the list done as well. GO! NOW! It's fun, empowering and there's absolutely nothing bad about it.


Well okay, my life has changed so radically, crazily, insanely, quickly, unexpectedly (...) in about a micro-second (or that's at least how it felt like), that I STILL CAN NOT BELIEVE IT.

That's what I keep telling myself everyday... my life is FKN *SURREAL*, THAT'S HOW AWESOME IT IS. 

My besties know that I aaalways use this weird image of the "future magicball" - what you do is you basically just look around (if there's something really special & cool happening) and then think back of yourself about a month ago (or a year, or two,...) and imagine yourself back then looking at yourself now & today in this magicball ... and just this simple thought, that my face would've looked like: WHAAAAT? YOU'RE JOKING!! HOW FKN COOL IS THAT!!!???

Yup and that's all it takes to bring a huge smile on my face! Try it! :D


What? What? What? I'm sorry, I keep talking about all this stuff  but you actually don't know what exactly happened? :D Okay here it comes:


I have (spontaneously of course) moved to Los Angeles (again), I am living here, everyday, enjoying this amazing California Lifestyle - dream big and never hold back - I have my own (soooo adorable) little apartment, my first own car, I am so priviledged to actually pursue my dream of being a professional actress - I take classes at and with Anthony Meindl's acting studio, which is such a massive source of inspiration for me - full of dedicated and wonderful actors... I read scripts, prepare scenes, go off to auditions, like I actually get in my car, drive down to West Hollywood (take a breath and realize), go give my all, leave the room again and move on with my day. I can go take Yoga classes, I can hike up the Hollywood Hills and look at all the beautiful places, people and the nature. I can walk in Beverly Hills, get breakfast, be around good people, have amazing conversations (and again take a breath and be grateful for it all), I do annoying things like going to the DMV (car stuff..), but even this excites me 'cause it's all part of my dream and the journey of it! I meet inspiring artists from everywhere, inspiring myself even more! I can go swim in my pool whenever, I can read a play, I can watch a movie, I can skype with fam&friends, I can stare at palmtrees or squirrels, I can buy wonderful clothes, I can walk around the most breath-taking and lovely beaches on this planet (in my opinion..) - I am so priviledged and lucky and I just wanna take this opportunity to put my gratitude out there AND (! very important !) NOT to make anyone jealous or anything like that, BUT SIMPLY, to let you know that you can do exactly what you want! Just FIGHT. BELIEVE. KEEP GOING and NEVER STOP.


Really guys, VISUALIZE your dream. Write it down, draw it on a piece of paper, dream it, sing it, dance it, however you want, but actually FEEL how GOOD it feels! And then you FKN DO IT. That's it. And that's when you will just say: SURREAL. You'll see, when you reach goals step by step, it's gonna make you go nuts in a good way, that you can't actually believe how awesome life can be. :')


SO I hope I inspired some of you! I feel like my messages are often the same, but in the end it's anyway all about the same... just fkn do what you wanna do. It's your life. And life is short. And well that should be enough to make you understand the message ;).


And here and then you just gotta get up, be bold and say...




(What's the worst that can happen...? my answer to all your answers: SO WHAT?)


So what? So what? So what? (As you can tell...I love this haha.)


Ok. Go now.

My love from Los Angeles,


Andrea xoxo

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