Stand up for what you believe in, even if ...

Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.

What? Well, if you feel something deep inside or you just know something somehow, but you can't really explain how or why.. that's when you have to trust yourself!

Sometimes, or very often actually, people show their opinion on things..your things.. your life. And it's ok to listen to family & friends, because often they do really try to help you. BUT in the end mates, in the end, your instinct, your impulse and feelings are all you got. Because frankly, you never know what's right or wrong, what's good or bad, what's smart or stupid unless you've done it and therefore experienced it yourself.


So if your heart tells you something very strongly and you can feel it quite clear that you have to do something - doesn't matter if it's a step in your career, a step in a relationship or just a daily decision you gotta make - FOLLOW THIS FEELING. 

I am pretty sure it's not the first time I'm writing about this "follow your instincts"-topic, but it's just something that I personally come across again and again.

And this is also what the title of this Post stands for: "STAND UP for what YOU BELIEVE in, even if you're standing alone!" - It's about that thing, that people - especially great ones :) - have made moves in life, which their loved ones maybe didn't understand or support in the first place, but oh-my-god, so many of those people have contributed to the world SO much!! - Is it an Artist, an Inventor, a Peacemaker, an Environmental Activist or a Soldier.

I repeat myself to emphasize my point... I LOVE Will Smith and his quotes such as: "Why would you be realistic???" - ahh it makes me go bubbly thinking about this question and ALL THE ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES that open up with it !! Can you feel this?!


And anyway, every single person has their own personal and VERY UNIQUE journey to take. Every path is oh-so-individual and that makes it so exciting!

Sometimes when I read a biography of a very successful actor of today, I think to myself, oh that's a very cool road he took there, like where he was born, where he studied, worked, quit, moved to, etc. But then I think of my own life and I realize again that NO ONE else makes the exact same journey as I do, which makes it so cool, interesting and as I said UNIQUE, as we all are! :)


Another thing I wanted to mention is something an acquaintance of mine taught me; if you ever have something in front of you, as in a big massive challenge, that you really do not feel like doing (something boring or annoying), or something you're actually really willing to do, but just terrified of it - think of death.

What? Yes, not as in oh-my-god-i-dont-wanna-die, more like hm... one day, as a fact of life, I am going to die, so why in the world should I care so much about this stupid task or why in the world should I be shitting my pants about this job? I JUST HAVE TO ENJOY AND HAVE FUN WITH IT! Because frankly, I only got one life. (Yeah it sounds a bit like YOLO ;)).


And this is where Greece comes in! As some of you know, I spent my last week on the beautiful island Mykonos in Greece.

And honestly, I know I'm Swiss and that we got some issues with worrying, being on time and stressing about 1st world problems, but as far as I know I don't have it tattooed on my forehead!?

So those lovely greek people kept saying to my friend and me; "Don't worry girls, just enjoy." - "Relax. Relax. Relax" (yup he literally said it three times) and other notes with this message.

That's something to take away!! :)


Now last but not least to all the passionate work-o-holics out there; I used to think I don't need holidays and many breaks, because I'm determined and I want to be successful in what I do blabla, yes very true, BUT as my mom told me a couple of times: "Artists alwasys need rest periods, so they can fill up again their sources of inspiration and creativity!"

And honestly after this week in Greece I feel pumped to rock'n'roll :D!

It's just something you need, some more, some less, but it's always a good thing to take a break, even Albert Einstein was a big believer of resting in between :). ( I LOVE and admire this guy SO much, even though he was into physics like a madman... ^^)




All my love,


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