make a CHANGE and watch MIRACLES happen!

I am literally cleaning up my entire room like a crazy person!

People (as much as I love them, but...) keep asking me, if and when I'll get my visa and how and where and what and who and why and... guys! I do not know!

The only thing I know is that I am most of the time a very positive person and despite me not knowing when exactly I'll be able to move to the city of Angels, I am already packing and selling and giving away and it feels awesome! wahuu.


Why do I do this? Because it's part of The Secret; you gotta make the Universe know, what you want! As I said, I don't know about When and Ifs, but I do know that I can help that I make everything on my Wish-List come true!

And that is why my bedroom looks like a garage sale at the moment. Because I am already packing and believe me guys if you want something, just pretend as if it already happened (see Post "Life is YOUR decision")! It is so damn cool, honestly! :-D


...And that just leads me to a very simple, very old, very fairytail-y, maybe naive and childish, but definitely true sentence: MIRACLES DO HAPPEN.

I am just saying. We've all heard of them. We've all read of them. We've all talked about or maybe even experienced them, but most certainly we have all longed for them! <3


So wherever you are in your life, whatever you're going through or what you feel like you really need; just never lose hope (wow this post is a specifically cheesy one..!) - because sometimes we just see one specific way of how something has to happen and we assume that this is the only way, but guys there are soo many ways and you don't wanna live your life like someone else right? Well frankly, that's not possible anyway, because every single person's journey is UNIQUE and special in their own way, so just be open to everything!

You can honestly never know what's gonna happen next, but you can stay positive, open, ready, grateful and hopeful! :)


- Just one other thing I wanted to mention, sometimes I'm not sure why I choose a topic to write about, but I've already heard some people tell me I've inspired them with my blog and that means so much to me! So I hope that at least someone who reads this blog, will be changed in a good way or maybe has a better view of life or just received new energy for the day!


And to end it with, I just added some pictures from my last shoot (see below!), a advertisement I did some time ago (but never showed you before) and my recent commercial shoot in the beautiful mountains of Switzerland :).


Enjoy and don't stop believing! --> check out the video (below below ^^)! (LOVE IT.)





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