Challenges appear for specific reasons...

Since I am always trying to commit to my dream and passion as much and often as I can, even if I'm working as a waitress just to get some cash together (which will  btw. be part of the past by the end of this February 2014 - yay!) - which means, between my workshifts, I run to the library and read acting technique books, plays or an actor's biography.

Well last week, I've been rummaging around in the "Books for Sales 1-5 $" section (swissfrancs actually, but who cares), and suddenly I had this Nicole Kidman Biography Book in my hands (+ Steven Spielberg's and some other heroes' of the film world), but by now I've only gotten to Nicole's book - okay okay now I'm reaching my point...


So this awesome actress named Nicole Kidman had a shitload to deal with before she, well.. became "the Nicole Kidman we know".

And I am not saying "oh poor girl had such a tough life blabla", no I just mean the amount of times this biography contained words like: Rejection, Replacement, Delay, Bad Luck, Setback, dropout, death, misfortune etc. You just read this stuff and think to yourself, omg how annoying and disturbing this must've been for her!

BUT look at her now! She obviously and apparently kept on going no matter what happened, because she is a terrificly awesome, extremely committed, driven and passionate artist!

And wow this girl once played a Russian part in "Birthday Girl" and she actually said: "It wasn't enough to just speak the part in a convincing Russian Accent, I wanted to be able to improvise in Russian if the Director asked me to." Now that people, that's what I call commitment. Does anybody know how hard Russian is? Well I for myself can by now order a bottle of vodka and "Nastrovje" for later, but hey it's a start right.

Oh and Miss Kidman has also broken a couple of rips, but had to just grin and bear it, such as a knee operation, while Jodie Foster replaced her in Panic Room...


My belief now is, that all these challenges you think you're maybe facing a bit too often, you get frustrated with apparent opportunities you miss constantly or you are just sick of not getting what you want Right FKN Now! - Sounds familiar? Well at least to me it does...

So if you are honest with yourself, you definitely have typical qualities or habits, you are not super proud of but they're simply just part of you - like Impatience, Laziness, Minimalism, Unpunctuality, Addictions, Shyness, Pessimism, Complains, Ignorance, ... you name them! I am not saying they're all sins, but sometimes, they can get in the way of you doing your thing! But my message is, don't just beat yourself up about them and when challenges come up during your path of life that espeeecially force you to fight against those habits - that's when you have to realize, that THOSE CHALLENGES ARE SPECIFICALLY MADE FOR YOU. 

Say what Andrea??!


The next time you are facing a challenge, an obstacle or a hurdle - say to yourself:

"Awesome, this obstacle is especially made for me to overcome it, so I see if it's worth fighting for plus I will grow from the experience and become a stronger self, once I've mastered it AND the result will be WORTH it in the end!!!"

(or just look at that cute little man in the picture overcoming the shit he's facing...haha)


All my love and support!


xx your ANDREA



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    ChrisPardal (Tuesday, 11 February 2014 10:43)

    So true... I look at my obstacles now as bridges that condition me to be stronger for the bigger prize on the other side of the hill!

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