Enjoy time while WAITING...(like for my 01 visa)

The last two days I spent doing what I love most: Being an actress on a filmset. Plus it was in St. Mortiz, which is a super fancy and wonderful sky area in South-East Switzerland. Amazing. The weather was sunny and so fkn freezing, I actually thought at one point if my fingers are gonna break... Seriously. I wasn't even over dramatic. Anyway, it was just awesome! Shooting this commercial with a (big!) team of (lots of!) committed and passionate people all working on this one project together.

Aaand having great times like these, makes me realize again that it doesn't really matter where you are on this planet, as long as you're doing what you love...

And there comes in my new-at-the-moment-desktop-background-picture: "If you know you have to wait anyway, why not make a decision to enjoy your life while YOU'RE WAITING?" (Joel Osteen).


Aaand this quote also brings me to my next topic; my O1 Visa process, because for me it sometimes seems like I just have to freaking waaait forever, but as I said; do everything you can, when or whereever you have to wait! You don't wanna waste any of your precious time on this planet, because frankly (not to be negative, but just honest) you never know how long you've got left here, there, with this or that person. Aight? So back to my visa; I thought it might interest some people who read my blogs (yes?no?yes?), how in the world I'm doing this... So three important key-facts about it, after having experienced some of the process.


1.) If you research for the first time; 01 Visa, requirements, etc. you'll most possibly think to yourself: no FKN way. It sounds ridiculously impossible, BUT it's not. And this is my tip: Seriously, if you really want it and you think it's the one and only best way at this moment, DO IT. Because I am telling you, if you just do something, doesn't matter how crazy, insane or risky, the Universe will give you what you need. I am just saying, do it, believe it and you'll see for yourself. But that doesn't mean you can lean back in your chair and chillax, nope, it's hard work guys! But it will be ooh so worth it!


2.) Yes, you do need to have a lawyer and yes it does cost a bit of money, but see point 1; it will work if it's what you need. And No, you absolutely don't need an award on your shelf at home, or a fanbase of 1 million people, nor do you need to prove you've played next to Robert De Niro or Meryl Streep. That's what your lawyer's here for. (Ok, you need to prove a couple of things, but for the third time, so that really everybody understood this secret: If you do it, good things will come your way). (:


3.) It does take time, but agaaain (wow I'm repetitive today...), you don't just wait (whatever it is you're doing - visa, boyfriend, bus, TV show, dinner or my next post...hah!) you should always enjoy every second, because it is all part of the process and there's no destination in life, it's all a journey, a way and a path.


Now to end my post 4 in a wonderful way, I just talked tonight to a new, but wonderful friend and he has travelled the world like a crazy person. And to listen to stories like that...just WOW. Honestly, I want to promise myself, if I ever feel the need or impulse to travel, or I feel stuck in a place, I am just going to leave! - He said it so beautifully: "Well I always went back and forth and you know if there was something good coming from somewhere I just went with it and I moved somewhere new...And when you travel you always meet people. Everywhere." - Reminds me of "The Alchemist" again. So nice. So full of joy and excitement. So open and free. That's life.


LOVE, your Andrea

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    Serena (Tuesday, 28 January 2014 00:31)

    Es gibt ein Ziel, aber keinen Weg. Was wir Weg nennen ist zögern. - Kafka

    Irgendwie passt es, aber trotzdem wiederspricht es deinem Post.

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    Go to Dev Panic (Friday, 04 April 2014 15:04)

    Your posts are too powerful preferred to feature and easy to understand.

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    źródło (Wednesday, 18 January 2017 11:24)