Life is YOUR decision.

It really is YOUR decision all alone, how you're life is gonna look like.

Every human being, including you, me and even the alcohol-addicted guy with beard and ripped clothes standing on the same corner everyday...we all have the POWER to choose our life's path. And the awesome thing is, you can totally and fully committed SCREW UP! Because everyday is a new day and you can start all over! (Well as long as you don't kill seriously.) In fact, you can start all over in this very minute. Yes! I am talking about RIGHT NOW.

Are you adventurous? Are you courageous? Are you brave, bold and a badass? Well then follow your impulse and go with it!


What I just experienced yesterday was, as the amazing Anthony Meindl so often says: "Fake it until you make it" - it is like so true. And you can apply it in life all the time. For example with your mood. So yesterday, I got really mad about something and then I thought to myself; NO you know what, I am NOT angry because of such a ridiculous event that happened a minute ago (it was really no biggie), so I actually started singing to myself a reaaaal embarrassing and not-creative-at-all song sounding something like: "I love my life and I am the only person deciding how awesome it is gonna be and nobody is gonna ruin my amazing joyful attitude...lahlahlah." Yeah I told you it's embarrassing.. BUT it worked! What? Well, my mood went up the hill! And you know I am not saying you should ignore your feelings and emotions when they're bad, because you also should never deny if it's something really affecting you (and it actually IS a biggie for you).

So the message for all you actors and non-actors out there is, you CAN really fake it until you make it, so VISUALIZE and IMAGINE and DREAM anything you want to and give it the best of your fantasy as possible and see what happens. We do have more power, than most people are aware of, ESPECIALLY about our OWN LIFE.


And also, STOP POSTPONING. You might think now: "Well okay I can choose my own path, that's cool, so I just gonna finish this and that and wait three years and hm maybe then I will travel to Southamerica or go visit this friend in Australia or ask this guy out on a date..." WHY NOT NOW? I mean, for real, there's so much stuff we own at home, that is too precious to use everyday, or too valuable to spend, or too-not-right-now to use right now! TIME is an illusion guys. There is only now and everything is the way it's supposed to be at this moment. Just think about the worries you had about 5 years ago...well either you don't remember them or you laugh your ass off about the once-oh-so-dramatic-appearing-problems you had - either way, these worries are not alive anymore because it all worked out somehow! Otherwise you would not be here. Correct? (:


And last but not least; every experience you're making is worth it! Why? Because without having experienced it, you wouldn't be where you are right now -  in other words, not as far on your path as your are now.

Because ONLY through actually stepping into this unknown and scary place of something NEW and well..scary, you actually GROW as a person.


"If you always only do the things you already know how to do them, you always only stay the person you are today."


You really want that? Yeah, I thought so. So go and EXPLORE, take RISKS and DARE to go for the unknown!


***My little questions for the ending of my Post #3:

How often do you do things that are new for you? Things you're not (yet) good at? Go to places you have never been? Talk to people you have never met?

Feel like it NOW? (:

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    Darth Vader (Sunday, 19 January 2014 09:30)

    I read this and think, "the force is strong in this one."

    - D

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    Dev Panic Advice (Friday, 04 April 2014 15:05)

    You hit realize out of the most other topics.