Let go and Accept... (but do not give up!)

Sometimes things happen in my daily life and I'm like "Why in the world did this just have to happen?!" - I bet you've been there too. You are in a great mood or you are actually very content with your life how it is at the present moment. But then you get in a stupid argument, you have all this sudden negativity crossing your mind or you simply hit a brick wall because of no hope, lots of fear or just no motivation and you're like: "Why?! Everything was so awesome a second ago! Give this feeling back to me!" Right?


First of all "Life is a freaking rollercoaster". Period. And that's what makes it exciting and it's easier to appreciate the good stuff. Now it is your decision if you want to scream, have your hands up in the air and enjoy the ride, or if you close your eyes, hold your breath and pray for it to end asap! - hm...what do you prefer?


Then the second thing is (which I am facing myself quite often); life is so much easier and more enjoyable if you just LET GO AND ACCEPT the now. What I mean by that? Well just try it for a second; accept your life at this very moment the way it is, do not worry and trust that everything will be just fine! There's nothing wrong with not worrying all the time, in fact, it's more wrong to worry all the time, because there's simply no point. Positive thoughts attract positive things. It's a proven fact. (Read "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne if your doubting the idea). - But accepting the now the way it is, doesn't mean you should give up all your goals, plans and dreams. No, it's the combination of these two wonderful "ways of living" - the BALANCE between them and it's a big skill. So practice! :)

My mom also likes the image of the happy combination between your Mind&Soul: The Mind is rubbing his hands with glee while the Soul is singing with joy ... maybe you can understand it better now ;).


And now the third thing I want to mention is a wonderful quote (which is my cheesy desktop image at the moment): "Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen." - I love this and I want to explain it to you with a little exercise I'm doing sometimes at the end of a day or even a week to practice my gratitude and just really appreciate life with all its (so-often-ignored) miracles.

Think about your entire day: "Who did you meet? Who made you laugh? Where did you go? What did you experience? What was new? What happened unexpectedly?" - Especially the last question; how many things happened today, that you did not plan, but were pretty awesome? Be honest and be astonished by the little things life gives you. Most of us are a little bit too focused with our oh-so-important-I-am-way-too-busy-for-this-crap daily routine-lifestyle and just don't see all the amazing stuff that happens every day! (me, guilty). Just open your eyes, notice and be grateful. Cool? Cool :-p.


Alright lovely peeps, thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed, comment and share if you like and be ready for my Blog N°3! If there's anything in particular that you want me to write about or make a video about, just ask or suggest it to me :).


Thanks and have an awesome one! 


xx your Andrea


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    Chris Pardal (Sunday, 19 January 2014 09:25)

    Beautiful words