2014 resolution: Get out there, even more!

Oh hello there! So this is indeed my first BLOG ever written, or at least ever published, I'm not saying I haven't written daily morning pages in the last couple of years about my thoughts, inspirations, ideas, achievements and failures, joyful and awesome moments... or just stupid boys hah! Yea I think I'm still a 13 year old girl deep inside of me, which is kinda cool sometimes..


Alright so the one thought "Andrea, you GOT to get more out there! Use the f*kn internet, it's f*kn everywhere!" - sorry for my language, you better get used to it ;).

SO, on Christmas Day, I was thinking "I don't ever wanna be one of those actors, that just wait around for auditions, their manager to call, or some friend to hook them up with some other friend to maybe get on one of his projects... No thanks. I am doing my own projects ! =)"

You know, it's just about DOING IT, like right now! You can think about your perfectionism or whatever later, but first of all you gotta put aaall your (daaamn*) excuses to the side (because there's not really any actual excuses at all if you're honest) and just move your ass!!


F.ex. I am pretty confident with some of the scripts I wrote and I know for a fact that there are enough people out there, that are interested in being part of a movie project - so JUST PUT IT OUT THERE!

In the end you'll always see; it wasn't actually that hard at all.


And personally, I am a waaay happier person if I'm active and productive in doing what I love doing - which is MAKING MOVIES - and you can't stand me if I am unproductive and bored, believe me.


So now my plans: I started a BLOG, which I will update ONCE a week.

I am moving to Los Angeles this springtime with an 0-1 Visa (everyone cross their fingers for me please!) =)

I will finish and publish my first own written & filmed short film "Clouds" including a wonderful soundtrack by my talented BFF Serena Schindler.

I will film more music videos with awesome and fun music and hilarious videos! (more crazy as hell...)

Well, I'll simply do AS MUCH AS I CAN (and maybe more..:))


You got some new years resolutions that you want to put out there in the Universe?

You got some stuff you want to cross off your Bucket List?

You have any unfulfilled but deeply wished for desires for 2014 to finally fulfill?


(sorry Nike, it's just such a great sentence! ;))


Lots of Love,

Your Andrea xx

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